The PD3500+ model is a fault-tolerant hard disk array machine which is easy to install and hot-swappable while the power is on. It is suitable for applications such as professional personal workstations, important PC servers, etc. as real-time backup storage equipment.




Our RAID Enclosures Start Providing S.M.A.R.T Features
PD3500+ storage RAID enclosure product now supports the S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and the Reporting Technology) feature.You just have to open this GUI Utility, you then can enjoy using it to know the HDD quality status, and you could even to replace any HDD which is with critical quality level in advance to help an even better protection for all your data.
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Included software monitoring program to easily view hard disk status


In the PD3500+, in addition to the back light screen that can display the module status, for Windows users, a software monitoring program is also provided. It allows users to understand the module and hard disk status more directly through the monitoring program. Even better, after setting the monitoring program, it will take the initiative to send letters to users when the hard disk fails. This instant notification allows users to be aware of the situation as soon as possible to remedy the situation faster.

The PD3500+’s disk array is made up of two 3.5" hard disks, augmented by a 2.5" hard disk or SSD extractable tray designed internally to diversify usage. Users can choose to use the SSD as the boot disk to speed up system performance and the 3.5" disk array as the data disk to protect data security. Users can also use the 3.5" disk array as the boot disk, and the 2.5" hard disk as the data disk to collaborate with other applications.

Convenient and secure extractable hard disk module


The STARDOM exclusive hard disk trays are designed with a safety lock and secure architecture to lock the hard disk. It effectively maintains sensitive data and is easy to use. If the hard disk is corrupted, users do not have to worry about data maintenance and simply need to buy the same model hard disk with the same capacity to make a replacement. It can greatly reduce the wait time for machine maintenance. Even users who do not understand computer hardware can quickly maintain and replace it.


Good heat dissipation can extend the life of the hard disk

The PD3500+ is equipped with a 6-cm silent fan, by constantly creating air flow, heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the hard disk can be easily taken away. This maintains the normal operating temperature of the hard disk at all times. A longer life of your hard disk will properly protect your data.

High Performance or High Reliability.


PD3500+ is equipped with 2 sophisticated RAID levels.



Pro Drive PD3500+


Let the PD3500+ to protect


your important data

Digital photo editing

The PD3500+ makes the system faster and digital photos more secure, The PD3500+ can be used as a workstation for photographers. Using the 2.5" hard disk slot to install the solid-state hard disk, the performance of the system can be faster, whether running PhotoShop or Lightroom, to edit photos or to search thumbnails. Moreover, by using the storage space constructed by the 3.5" RAID 1, it is suitable for gamers to save large amounts of original RAW files as well as following-up completed files after editing.

Proposed work flow


1.Use the 2.5" SSD’s high-speed performance to install computer systems and digital photo editing application.
2.Use the 3.5" array (RAID 1 mode) as the data disk to store the original photos (RAW file or JPG file).
3.Use the image editing program to open the original file for editing, and save edited files back to the 3.5" array in order to protect data security.
4.Regularly transfer edited photos and original files older than 6 months into storage devices with larger capacity (such as SR4,-WBS3 etc.) for long-term data preservation,
and at the same time maintaining sufficient storage space within the 3.5” array in the PD3500+ to save the follow-up work required.


Because people and scenery change over time, digital photographers must be sensitive to the importance of preserving digital photos because the majority of people and scenery are not available for re-shoots and business owners are not necessarily willing to invest in the re-shoots. Hence the long-term protection of these digital files is very important.



Digital video surveillance

Let the DVR device to install and use the PD3500 easily. Take advantage of the durable solid-state hard disk to install your DVR operating system and use two hard disks with up to 3TB capacity and RAID 1 to protect the long-term data. You can even use the PD3500+’s hot swapping feature to extract the 3.5" hard disk periodically and to save it in the data center, then to put in a new hard disk so the PD3500+ can continuously perform instant backup.

Proposed work flow

1.Adapt the 2.5" SSD or CF card into the 2.5" to install the DVR system.
2.Set the 3.5" array (RAID 1) as the video storage disk for long-term preservation of recordings.
3.Hot extract one of the 3.5” hard disks periodically and bring it back to the data center for data storage or archive. And place new hard disk to maintain the RAID 1
architecture and to record continuously.



Commercial accounting system database backup

Use RAID 1 for long-term protection of corporate accounting databases.Use the durable solid-state hard disk to install your server operating system and two hard disks with up to 3TB capacity at RAID 1 to protect accounting system databases long-term. Small and medium enterprises no longer need to worry about the unnecessary loss of accounting system data due to hard disk damage.

Proposed work flow


1.Use the 2.5" SSD to install the server's operating system.
2.Set the 3.5" array (RAID 1) as the accounting system database, in order to backup required data long-term.
3.If the hard disk is damaged in the RAID 1 module, you just need to buy a hard disk with the same specifications to replace it, and you can continue to back up the data
without waiting for maintenance.
4.You can periodically backup the database to external storage systems (such as SR2 or SR4 etc.), in order to avoid the lengthy process of transferring databases due to
damages caused by other components within the server.



Maintain automation equipment system

Use RAID 1 to maintain stable operation of automation equipment. The advantage of automation equipment is in its production efficiency. In high-speed production processes, the matter worried most is system failure. System failure will cause a shut down of an automated production line. Production loss during these shutdowns is far greater than business owners can image. By using the PD3500+ RAID 1 module, you can protect automation systems long-term operation and do not have to worry about halts in automated production equipment due to hard disk damage. This is the most cost-effective equipment choice. From small-scale CNC machining to large-scale semiconductor manufacturing processes, the RAID 1 module is recommended to protect the long-term operation of systems and achieve high production efficiency.

Proposed work flow


1.Use the 3.5" array (RAID 1) to install the automation system to maintain long-term operation of the automated system.
2.Every two years, you should renew the hard disks regularly used to ensure that hard disks with similar specifications can be found if the hard disk is damaged.

With the understanding of the transmission performance of the PD3500+, in accordance with your own needs, you can select the required hard disk application mode.

RAID 1 mode is the most secure. For fields which require high data security, it is the most appropriate storage mode.
RAID 0 mode is appealing for its transmission speeds. It can accelerate the access speed of data, but it is not secure.
The 2.5" SSD (Solid State Disk) provides fast transmission, anti-vibration, and is power-saving. For specific computer platforms, it is a very good choice.
The 2.5" hard disk is small, has a lower power consumption, and the price is more advantageous than the SSD while having the same capacity.

Product View


Model No PD3500+
Interfaces 6Gbps SATA III 1 Ports ( 3.5" RAID Module ) / 6Gbps SATA III 1 Ports ( 2.5" HDD/SSD )
Compatible Drive 2 x 3.5" SATA III ( 6.0 Gbits) HDD +1 x 2.5" SATA III ( 6.0 Gbits) HDD/SSD
Storage Mode RAID 1 or RAID 0 ( 3.5" RAID Module ) +Independent volume( 2.5" HDD/SSD )
Operating System
Windows 7 or above, OS X 10.10 or above, Linux
Electrical and 
* Line voltage: 12V + 5V DC
* Maximum continuous power: 60W
* Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Size and Weight 148 mm (W) x 84 mm (H) x 202 mm (D) , 1.2 Kg
Product Code EAN - 4711132864571     UPC - 884826503781
Carton 8 pcs per carton
Package Accessories * PD3500+ x 1
* SATA Cable x 2
* Internal RS232 cable x 1
* External RS232 cable x 1
* Software CD
* Accessory kit
* Quick Installation Guide


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PD3500+ (EOL)
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