STARDOM, a brand, and a trademark of RAIDON Technology, Inc., is known for professional External Direct


Attached Storage (DAS) solution.  We offer easy, smart data safety and high-speed storages for


constructing design, professional photo/video/audio editing, media and SOHO users.  We provide -



● The Best Storage Performance.  Hardware RAID that supports the latest available technologies. 


OS/PC independent and will not consume users’ CPU or mainboard I/O performance.  Faster


storage accessing, higher productivity, and more efficient.



● Drive (Data) Redundancy and/or Drive Failure Tolerance. For users require drive


(data) redundancy, the Hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) supports mirroring disk


and/or to backup data across different drives; to protect data in case of drive(s) failure.  



● Flexible and Complete Choices in drive bay numbers, hard drive sizes, I/O connector types, disk modes


(JBOD and/or RAID), hot swappable disk bay, and the use of 2.5”/3.5”/hybrid drives; storage have it your





● Portable, Lighter, Stronger and Healthier.  The products are designed in solid aluminum chassis. 




Founded in 2000.  We hope to outstanding in the data storage industry with our excellent product


development and boutique brand marketing.




STARDOM equipment Common features



The unique front accessible tray design with a compliant size to fit into all STARDOM products



Most of our Trays are designed with our standard size which fit into most of our products. You could easily


transport your HDD/SSD (data) among our products you have. And also, every of our Trays has a Tray Lock


to avoid data damage by improper extraction at HDD/SSD.  



The Aluminum Chassis for a rigid structure, light weight, high finishing quality, together with an excellent heat dissipation



Our excluded aluminum chassis provides you a rigid structure to protect your data, light weight for easier


transporting, high finishing quality for stylish, and the excellent heat dissipation to protect your HDD/SSD.



The LCM Display and LED Indication to let your product easy to use


The LCM Display lets you easily use your product, and LED Indication tells product and HDD/SSD status to


provide you a double data protection from changing the defective HDD/SSD in time.



The high efficient low noise FAN for a better living and working environment


In order to provide you a better green environment, our products only use the high efficient low noise FAN


together with a strong metal fan guard to avoid the hurt to your fingers from blade. And its high efficient air


flow helps dissipating the heat which is generated from HDD/SSD.


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