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7F-9, No.16 Lane 609, Section 5, Chung-Shin Road,

San-Chung Dist., New Taipei city, Taiwan ( R.O.C )


Tel : 886-2-2278-9697

Fax : 886-2-2278-9659


STARDOM serves the content creation market sectors and has been the storage of choice among the creative professionals. We are always welcoming new partners worldwide that suit the below criterias in representing the Stardom brand and its products within its local territory.


» Holds strong sales/marketing capabilities and channel management.

» Holds good company reputation and financial credibility.

» Provides excellent services to its customers and users.

» Capable of long term brand promotion, planning and managing.


If you fit the above criterias, please download the Customer Application Form here *PDF or *DOC and complete the form. Once completed, please submit the form to and we shall start the evaluation and discussion process with you immediately. Thank you.

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