2.5" Drive Tray Adapter 



Screwless and Hot-swappable




Screwless and Hot-swappable


Users can install 2.5" hard drives with screwless to fix in the storage device strongly. In addition, this 2.5" Drive Tray Adapter is hot swappable for users to easily extracted the drives out while the storage device is on. 


Support for Stardom full range of products 


Full range of Stardom 3.5" products are suitable for this 2.5" Drive Tray that can hot swappable the 2.5" SSD. This make your storage usage more diverse and convenient.


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STARDOM TRAY BOX - for professional usage, hard drives extraction, replacement, remove or delivery


STARDOM provides the protctive plastic box for users to make the neat placements of hard drive trays or to have more complete protection of delivery and etc. 
STARDOM TRAY are available in silver and black color. Except for color and appearance differences, these are interchangeable and compatible with most of STARDOM products. 

Applicable to the following 3"5 products














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2.5" drive tray adapter

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