An immediate solution for hard disk expansion with the best cost/performance ratio 

Installation of the STARDOM SA4-P2 SATA III PCI Express card to your professional workstation will provide you with a real-time connection to the miniSAS external device, offering astonishing performance. The STARDOM SA4-P2 SATA III PCI Express card is equipped with an external miniSAS port supporting a transmission rate of 6Gbits/s, making it not only the best interface choice for peripheral storage, but also the best solution for the high speed requirements of professionals.

Always go for the faster and better solution! 

A miniSAS transmission line is equipped with the bandwidth for four 6Gbits/s channels, and the SA4-P2 in coordination with ST4-U5 will allow each of the four hard disks inside to have its own 6Gbits/s bandwidth. Such transmission rates will maximize the read/write capabilities of each hard disk. You can enjoy the work efficiency introduced by fast transmission even if a solid state drive is installed.


Note: Driver installation is required for Windows XP/Windows 2003

With the SA4-P2 card, your older version of Mac Pro can still enjoy the hard disk transmission speed of the Thunderbolt interface. 



The SA4-P2 is a PCI-e expansion card designed for enhancing hard disk transmission speeds while also being easy to install on the Mac Pro, without the need for a driver. When it is used in conjunction with the ST4-U5, it can provide performance levels equivalent to four hard disks with Thunderbolt interfaces, making it the Mac Pro upgrade with the best cost/performance ratio. When ST4-U5 is used in conjunction with SA4-P2 (JBOD mode), every hard disk is hot swappable as long as the selected hard disk is first removed in the system. This application allows you to replace the hard disk without turning off the computer, making it most suitable for film editors and graphic designers who often need to have access to huge amounts of data. [ SA4-P2 only supports SATA drives. ]

Supports hard disk hot swap under JBOD mode 


If you use a large number of image databases, the removable hard disk design makes the replacement of an entire image database just as easy as replacing a DVD. You can choose to simultaneously install different hard disks or solid state drives and swap them as necessary.

Using GUI to set up a secure (RAID 1) or rapid (RAID 0) array configuration. 

The image-based software interface screen allows simple and intuitive operation, where the array configuration can be completed with just a few simple clicks. The friendly GUI software can be installed in both Windows and Mac operating systems.

★Low Profile PCIe Form Factor
★SATA Hot-plug capability
★Supports Hardware RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10
★HybridDrive mode by GUI or BIOS setting in Windows
HyperDuo can not support Mac
★64bit / 32bit Windows 8, Win7, Vista, 2008, 2012, Linux and Mac 10.x built-in AHCI inbox driver support, no additional driver required
Supports Windows XP / 2003 driver



SA4-P2 Download

GUI for Windows
GUI for Mac

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