SAS 12G JBOD Storage supports 8-Bay 2.5”/3.5" SAS/SATA III HDD/SSD


ST8-U6: Ultimate Storage Solution

The ST8-U6 is a cutting-edge storage solution designed to seamlessly blend versatility, durability, and high performance. Boasting a mini-SAS SFF 8644 interface, it effortlessly supports both SAS 6G and 12G systems. Accommodate up to 8 individual drives with its JBOD configuration and enjoy the convenience of hot-swappable 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD drives. Integrated LED indicators ensure you're always informed about your drive status. Prioritize data security with its enhanced tray lock, and stay alert with its MCU environmental monitoring system. Housed in a lightweight yet robust aluminum casting, it promises longevity without adding unnecessary weight. Topped off with a built-in 250 Watt power supply, efficient heat dissipation mechanism, and an easy carry handle, the ST8-U6 is the epitome of modern storage solutions, ready to meet every demand.




1. Versatile Drive Support: Tailored to cater to a range of storage devices as SAS, and SATA HDD/SSD drives


2. Advanced JBOD Configuration with RAID Controller Support


3. Intelligent LED Indicator System: Features LED indicators on each drive, monitoring drive status and performance.


4. High Compatibility Interface: Featuring a mini-SAS SFF 8644 interface, the ST8-U6 is primed to work seamlessly with both SAS 6G and 12G systems.


5. Hot-Swappable Drives: Experience ease of use with the provision to swiftly insert or remove 8 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD drives without powering down the device.


6. MCU Environmental Monitoring: An integrated MCU (Microcontroller Unit) design provides effective monitoring of device environment. 


7. Enhanced Tray Lock: Safeguard your precious data with our enhanced tray lock feature to provide an additional layer of data security.


8. Robust Power Supply: With a built-in high-density power supply providing 250 Watt, ensuring consistent and stable performance.


9. Efficient Cooling System: Guarantees optimal heat dissipation with a low-noise fan for longevity of your drives.


10. Convenient Portability: Enhance mobility with attached handle without compromising on storage capacity.


11. Durable Construction: Crafted with premium lightweight aluminum casting to reduce overall weight and prolong durability. 




1. Seamless Compatibility: With a mini-SAS SFF 8644 interface, it supports both SAS 6G and 12G ensuring it fits into diverse IT environments.


2. Optimized Storage Management: The support for JBOD configuration allows users to efficiently utilize and manage up to 8 individual drives, catering to both bulk storage and segmented data needs.


3. Real-time Monitoring: LED indicators on each drive offer immediate insight into drive health and status, reducing maintenance downtime and ensuring data integrity.


4. User-friendly Experience: The hot-swappable design enables easy insertion and removal of drives, facilitating swift upgrades or replacements without lengthy system interruptions.


5. Enhanced Data Security: The advanced tray lock feature provides an added layer of protection against unauthorized access or tampering.


6. Consistent Power Supply: The built-in high-density 250 Watt power unit ensures stable and uninterrupted performance even under heavy workloads.


7. Environmentally Alert: With the MCU design for environmental monitoring and a warning buzzer, users are instantly notified of potential system issues or environmental anomalies.


8. Effective Thermal Management: The low-noise fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, prolonging drive life and maintaining optimal performance.


9. Portability and Mobility: An attached handle offers convenience for users on the move, making it a perfect choice for dynamic work environments.


10. Robust yet Lightweight Construction: The aluminum casting ensures resilience against wear and tear while keeping the unit lightweight, making it a durable and travel-friendly storage solution.


Versatile Drive Support


The ST8-U6 not only champions diverse storage needs by effortlessly accommodating SAS and SATA drives but also integrates seamlessly with RAID adapters. Specifically, under its RAID 0 mode, users can harness a significantly large storage capacity, streamlining data management and optimizing space. Whether prioritizing enterprise-grade performance, bulk storage, or swift access, this unit offers a comprehensive and adaptable storage solution. 



Advanced JBOD Configuration with RAID Controller support


The ST8-U6 embraces the JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Drives) configuration, allowing users to efficiently manage and aggregate storage across up to 8 individual hard drives. This design not only streamlines data access but also integrates seamlessly with RAID controllers. This synergy enhances storage performance, flexibility, and redundancy options, ensuring that the unit can be tailored to meet specific data management and security requirements. Whether operating standalone or in conjunction with RAID functionalities, the ST8-U6's JBOD configuration offers a versatile storage approach for varied use-cases. 


Streamlined Operations with Hot-Swappable Drive Design


The ST8-U6 takes flexibility to a new level with its hot-swappable drive functionality. Built to cater to dynamic IT environments and urgent storage needs, this feature allows users to quickly and safely insert or remove up to 8 2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD drives on-the-fly. This eliminates the traditionally cumbersome process of powering down devices during drive changes, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimal downtime. Whether you're expanding storage, replacing a drive, or conducting routine maintenance, the ST8-U6's hot-swap capability ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience. The design, coupled with its robust built-in safeguards, ensures data integrity and system stability, even during these swift transitions.



Robust Tray Lock Mechanism for Data Security


In the realm of data storage, the security of physical components is just as crucial as digital safeguards. Recognizing this, the ST8-U6 introduces an enhanced tray lock mechanism. This feature not only prevents unauthorized removal or tampering of drives but also reinforces the integrity of the device's connection. By employing this advanced lock system, users can be assured of a physical barrier that complements digital security measures. The result is a holistic protection strategy, 

Intelligent LED Indicator System


The ST8-U6 is equipped with sophisticated LED indicators for each drive bay, providing users with immediate visual feedback on drive health and activity. These indicators are meticulously designed to deliver real-time updates; ensuring users can swiftly diagnose and respond to any variations in drive status. From drive activity pulses to distinct color-coded alerts for potential issues, the system aids in proactive maintenance and optimal performance monitoring, streamlining operations and reducing potential downtime. 

Superior Compatibility through Advanced Interface Design


At the heart of the ST8-U6's connectivity lies its mini-SAS SFF-8644 interface, meticulously designed to bridge a broad spectrum of storage demands. This high-throughput interface not only guarantees compatibility but also optimizes data transfer speeds. Whether interfacing with the SAS 6G or the more advanced 12G systems, the ST8-U6 ensures a flawless connection, minimizing data bottlenecks and maximizing throughput. This degree of adaptability confirms the unit's suitability for various applications, from high-performance computing to intricate data analytics, all while ensuring users benefit from rapid data access and consistent system performance.

Mobility Meets Capacity with Thoughtful Design


The ST8-U6 marries functionality with mobility, featuring an integrated handle for effortless transportation. This design element prioritizes user convenience, enabling easy relocation without hindering its substantial storage offerings. Whether moving between workstations or off-site locations, the ST8-U6 ensures your data remains accessible and secure, wherever you choose to operate.



Integrated MCU Environmental Oversight


ST4-U8 integrates an MCU that actively manages its internal temperature. When it reaches 50°C (118°F), the 8 cm fans operate at full capacity. Once temperatures lower to 45°C (109°F), users can adjust a rear switch, allowing the MCU to halve the fan speed, reducing noise and energy usage. In case of fan issues or excessive heat, an alert buzzer sounds, with a mute option available on the back panel for user preference.



Precision Engineering for Long-lasting Reliability


The ST8-U6 embodies strength and portability, thanks to its construction from premium lightweight aluminum casting. This meticulous choice of material ensures that the device stands up to the rigors of regular use, promising extended durability. Simultaneously, by optimizing weight considerations, the ST8-U6 strikes a balance between robustness and ease of transportation, positioning it as a reliable companion for all your storage needs.

Premium Power Supply for Unwavering Performance

At the core of ST8-U6's reliable operation lies its integrated high-density power unit, capable of delivering a substantial 250 Watt. This robust power infrastructure not only guarantees the device's uninterrupted functioning but also underpins its ability to handle intensive workloads and peak demands. By harnessing this powerful energy source, the ST8-U6 establishes a foundation of consistency, ensuring that users experience smooth, steady, and dependable performance at all times.


Advanced Thermal Management for Drive Longevity

The ST8-U6 is thoughtfully engineered with an efficient cooling mechanism, underpinned by its low-noise fan design. This system works diligently to disperse heat, maintaining an optimal internal environment. By minimizing thermal stress on the drives, the ST8-U6 not only ensures peak performance but also extends the lifespan of your storage devices, safeguarding your data and investment over time.


The ST8-U6, given its features and specifications, is adaptable for a variety of applications. Here are some possible uses:


1. Data Backup & Archiving: With its robust storage capabilities and enhanced security features, the ST8-U6 can serve as an essential backup system for organizations, ensuring data redundancy and recovery.


2. Media & Content Creation: For professionals in photography, videography, and graphic design, the device offers substantial storage for large files, with quick data access and transfer speeds.


3. Server & Data Centers: With its RAID compatibility and JBOD configuration, it can be integrated into data centers or used as a dedicated server storage unit.


4. On-site Data Collection: For industries such as geological surveys, environmental studies, or film production, the device's portability offers valuable on-field data storage.


5. Research & Development: In labs or research centers where large datasets are the norm, the ST8-U6 can act as a primary storage device.


6. Gaming & Virtual Reality: Store large game files, VR content, or simulations without compromising on speed.


7. Post-production & Editing: For film or audio editing, where large, high-quality files need rapid access.


8. Workstation Extension: Professionals who work with data-intensive applications can use ST8-U6 to extend their workstation's storage without overburdening the primary system.


9. Surveillance & Security: Given its storage capacity, it can be utilized for extended storage of surveillance footage, especially with high-resolution cameras.


10. Network Attached Storage (NAS) Systems: With appropriate software and networking hardware, it can serve as a dedicated NAS device, offering shared storage to multiple users on a network.


11. Cloud Storage Infrastructure: As part of a larger system, it can contribute to the backbone of cloud storage solutions, providing space for user backups and shared files.


Given its diverse features, the ST8-U6 can easily adapt to various sectors and industries, serving as a reliable storage solution tailored to specific needs.



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Model No ST8-U6-B
12 Gbps SFF-8644 miniSAS Port *2
Compatible Drive 8 x 3.5" / 2.5"  SAS( up to 12 Gbps) /SATA HDD/SSD ( up to 6 Gbps )
Storage Mode JBOD
Certifications CE & FCC
Operating System 
Windows, Mac ,Linux
Cooling System 8cm Low noise fan x 2
Electrical and 
* Line voltage: 100-240V AC
* Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
* Maximum continuous power: 250W
* Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Size and Weight Height: 296 mm   Width: 140 mm    Depth: 282 mm    Weight: 4.525 Kg 
Product Code EAN: 4711132866001
UPC: 884826501978
Carton 2 pcs per carton
Package Accessories * ST8-U6 x 1 ( with removable drive tray enclosed x 8 )
* SFF-8644 miniSAS cable x2
* Power Cord x 1
* Accessory kit
* Quick Installation Guide


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ST8-U6-B HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
ST8-U6-BSeagate2.5" HDD ST2000NX02532TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" HDD MK5055GSX500GB
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABF050500GB
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ACF050500GB
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" HDD MK6459GSX640GB
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABD1001TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate2.5" SAS HDD ST9146803SS164GB (SAS)
ST8-U6-BToshiba2.5" SAS HDD 14SEB120N1.2TB
ST8-U6-BADATA2.5" SSDUltimate SU800256GB
ST8-U6-BKingston2.5" SSD SHSS37A240GB
ST8-U6-BSamsung2.5" SSD 850 Pro128GB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS724040ALA6404TB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS724040ALE6404TB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS726060ALA6406TB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS726060ALE6106TB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUH728080ALE6008TB
ST8-U6-BHGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUH721010AL520010TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" HDDExos X14ST14000NM042814TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" HDDIronWolf Pro (NAS)ST14000NE000814TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD DT-01ACA-1001TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MK1002TSKB1TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD DT-01ACA-2002TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MK2002TSKB2TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MG04ACA200E2TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD DT-01ACA-3003TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MG03ACA3003TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MG03ACA4004TB
ST8-U6-BToshiba3.5" HDD MG04ACA50DE5TB
ST8-U6-BWD3.5" HDDBlackWD5003AZEX500GB
ST8-U6-BWD3.5" HDDBlueWD5000AAKX500GB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" SAS HDD ST6000NM0034 6TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" SAS HDD ST8000NM00758TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" SAS HDD ST6000NM00956TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" HDDIronWolf Pro (NAS)ST8000NE0018TB
ST8-U6-BSeagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST8000VN0048TB