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Questions for drives


1.What kind of hard drives should the user use?


STARDOM will ask the user to use the drives that recommend for RAID storage. It will depend on the drive provider’s information, user can find these information on the provider’s website.


2.If use the desktop hard drive, what will happen?   


It’s hard to say what will be happen. Sometimes it seems working fine, but sometimes not. Two situations that the user report to us mostly are 1.The RAID cannot be set or cannot working normally. And 2. The RAID crashed without any error message.


3.When configuration of RAID, need to use the same brand /same capacity /same modelnumber of drives?


Yes, for brand new drives, same brand /same capacity /same model no. will be better.


4.If not using same brand /same capacity /same model number of drives, what causes?


Nothing will be happened. The user still can set the RAID Storage and use it. However,due to the same brand /same model number drives usuallyhave the same life time, ifone is failure, it means that the other one will be damaged soon. It will be easier for the user to know he/she need to change the other drives soon.


5.Why TLC SSD not recommended?


There are two reasons why people want to use RAID storage. One is for the data safety, people will choose to use RAID 1 /RAID 5. The other is for the performance and capacity, people will use RAID 0. For life time, TLC is shorter than SLC /MLC. For performance, TLC is slower than SLC /MLC. The only thing that TLC is better than SLC /MLC is the price.