2-Bay 2.5”/3.5" SATA III HDD/SSD Hardware RAID Storage      


USB 3.0, e-SATA, FireWire 800, Hot-Swappable Drive, LCM


High performance, low cost, large capacity supported RAID system for high definition Video/Audio post-production workflows. Supports multiple HD Video/Audio streams, SR2 is designed specifically for professional content creation applications and features high-speed interfaces including USB3.0 (5G) and e-SATA (6G) ports.


Use S2F product extends All Your Storage Products



SR2-SB3F+ and S2F combination eSATA and FireWire 800 interface extends your storage,From your only Firewire Mac to connect to Non-FireWire device, S2F provides you a great flexibility to choose a good storage product from Raidon. And also, S2F could not only connect to one Non-FireWire Raidon storage product but one more storage thru a second FireWire 800 port.




(S2F only for RAID mode and a single hard drive in JBOD mode)



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Our RAID Enclosures Start Providing S.M.A.R.T Features
SR2-SB3F+ storage RAID enclosure product now supports the S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and the Reporting Technology) feature.You just have to open this RAIDGuide Manager Utility, you then can enjoy using it to know the HDD quality status, and you could even to replace any HDD which is with critical quality level in advance to help an even better protection for all your data.
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Massive Space, Compact Size.


The SR2-SB3F+ supports two 8TB or more SATA hard drives to store more, back up and protect space intensive project files.


Configure, Monitor, No Software Needed.


Configure, setup and monitor system status via front panel LCD without installing any software. SR2 is ready to use right out of the box to start protecting your data or enhance your digital content creation workflow.

10 Times Faster.


When connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, SR2 lets you access and save files up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.


[ Performance may vary based on user's hardware and system configuration. ]

Removable design, use multiple hard drives flexibly
The SR2 is a quadruple drive storage enclosure system that supports the latest 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard drives to deliver high- capacity data storage solutions. Featuring flawless structural design, optimized internal configuration, and a durable aluminum casing to protect your internal drives, the SR2 is perfect for creative and highly mobile professionals.

Optional Drive Module Case.


Optional hard-molded anti-static, plastic carrying case to protect your valuable work and archive your hard drives. The dive module case is in VHS size with a label area (label included). Ideal to protect against dust and impacts, perfect for shipping and archiving.

Heat-dissipating, Sleek Aluminum Design Complements Your Mac.


Encased in a thick aluminum enclosure and large size, low noise fan to keep hard drives healthy and dissipate heat from the RAID.



Internal Power Supply.


SR2 uses an industry standard power cord and professional quality internal power supply for the most efficient and reliable power source possible.

High Performance or High Reliability.


SR2 is equipped with 2 sophisticated RAID levels.

Auto Backup Your Important Photos.


High reliable RAID 1 (Mirrored) offers ultimate protection beyond RAID level. All data are written simultaneously to both drives. If one drive should fail, your data is still accessible and the second drive will take over.



Treasure your important photos as time and tide wait for no one.


Do you remember all the wonderful family gatherings? Do you know that not even one single element captured in any picture can be replicated? All the photos gathered in the past are key assets throughout your life. It’s not a tough job to protect these digital photos. Whether you are just an iPhoto® user or a professional photographer running Aperture®, you can transfer your photo library into a SR2 device and let SR2 protect your beautiful time and memory.

High performance RAID 0 ( Striped ) yields the speed you need for smooth video editing,rendering complex 3D objects or special effects in ultra high speed.

High reliable RAID 1 (Mirrored) offers ultimate protection beyond RAID level. All data are written simultaneously to both drives. If one drive should fail, your data is still accessible and the second drive will take over.

MacBook Pro Workstation:


Ideal for Apple ProRes HD offline editing on a MacBook Pro.



Minimize the risk of losing your memory card or footage, use SR2 as your field fail-safe drive to transfer media from DSLR or HD Cam to SR2 to ensure your footages are protected and ready to be edit.



To secure your project, edit direct from SR2 or transfer to ST2 for high bandwidth required CODEC. When project is finished, deliver the final product using i310.



To archive and make an redundant offsite copy, pull out one or both drives from SR2 to our anti-static drive module box. Each drive contains complete project file and can be read and retrieve as a single volume.  Another option is to copy to i302 and archive the drive using our drive module box.

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Model No. SR2-SB3F+
Interfaces USB3.0 (5G) + e-SATA (6G) + Firewire 800
Compatible Drive 2 x 2.5" / 3.5" SATA III ( 6.0 Gbits) HDD  /  Support large volume up to 8TB
Storage Mode RAID 1
Operating System 
Windows 7 or above, OS X 10.10 or above
Cooling System 6 cm Low noise fan
Electrical and 
* Line voltage: 100-240V AC
* Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
* Maximum continuous power: 60W
* Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Size and Weight 122 mm (W) x 102 mm (H) x 205mm (D)   
Product Code EAN: 4711132866933  UPC: 884826503132
Package Accessories * SR2-SB3+ x 1
* S2F Adapter X 1
* USB3.0 Cable x 1
* e-SATA Cable x 1
* Firewire800 ( 1394b ) Cable x 1
* Power Cord x1
* Accessory Kit 
* Quick Installation Guide x1


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SR2-SB3F+ HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
SR2-SB3F+Seagate2.5" HDD ST2000NX02532TB
SR2-SB3F+ADATA2.5" SSDUltimate SU800256GB
SR2-SB3F+SanDisk2.5" SSD SDSSDA-240G240GB
SR2-SB3F+HGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS724040ALA6404TB
SR2-SB3F+HGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS724040ALE6404TB
SR2-SB3F+HGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUS726060ALA6406TB
SR2-SB3F+HGST3.5" HDDUltrastarHUH728080ALE6008TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST10000VN000410TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf Pro (NAS)ST10000NE000810TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDEnterpriseST10000NM001610TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST12000VN000712TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST10000VN000810TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf Pro (NAS)ST14000NE000814TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDConstellationST3000NM00113TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDBarracudaST32000542AS2TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDBarracudaST32000641AS2TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDConstellationST2000NM00112TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDConstellationST2000NM00112TB
SR2-SB3F+Toshiba3.5" HDD MG03ACA3003TB
SR2-SB3F+Toshiba3.5" HDD MG03ACA4004TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST8000NE0018TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDDIronWolf (NAS)ST8000VN0048TB
SR2-SB3F+Innodisk2.5" SSD 2.5" SATA SSD 3MG2-P128GB
SR2-SB3F+HGST3.5" HDD HUH721008ALE6008TB
SR2-SB3F+WD3.5" HDD HUH721010ALE60010TB
SR2-SB3F+WD3.5" HDD HUH721010ALE60410TB
SR2-SB3F+WD3.5" HDD HUH721212ALE60012TB
SR2-SB3F+WD3.5" HDD HUH721212ALE60412TB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate2.5" SSD XA480LE10063480GB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate2.5" SSD ZA960NM10001960GB
SR2-SB3F+Seagate3.5" HDD ST6000VX0016TB