Select proper products based on customers’ requirements

Concerning photographer groups’ specific needs, the storage devices featuring data safety (RAID 1 or RAID 5) are suggested. For wedding photography company or publication industry, the first choice should target at products with RAID 6 safety mechanism. 

- RAID 1 models that suit high-mobility laptop users with storage capacity needs less than 1TB: MR2-WBS2.

- RAID 1 models that suit amateur photographers with storage capacity needs around 3TB: SC2 or SR2 series.

- RAID 5 models that suit professional photo studio with storage capacity needs ranging from 3TB to 9TB: SR4-WBS3 or DR4-WBS2.

- Models that suit wedding photography company / publishing industry with storage capacity needs ranging from 9TB to 12TB: SR4-WBS3 with RAID 5 or SR5-WBS2 with RAID 6 for still higher safety level.

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Add iPhoto Library in external storage system

  1. 1. Press and hold the [Option] button and click the iPhoto icon to open the iPhoto program. It will display a screen as shown below.

  1. 2. Click the [Create New...] icon

  1. 3. Select an external storage system (here a MR2-WBS2 system is used) and name the image library.

  2. 4. You are now ready to add new Library in given external storage system.

Note :

When connecting to an external storage device, it is recommended to use the high-speed e-SATA / Firewire transmission interface instead of USB1.1 / USB2.0 / Firewire 400 to prevent slow I/O resulting from accessing a large number of photos.

Among the DSLR cameras currently available on market, even those entry level ones come with more than 10M pixels resolution. Each photo file is often more than 5MB in size. When transferring these photos into iPhoto system for management and post editing, you may soon run out of disk space and need additional iPhoto Library in external storage system.

The default Library of an iPhoto system is set in the hard disk with physical path of:

\User\<USERNAME>\Picture\iPhoto Library

How to add a new iPhoto Library: