Best SellingG-SeriesM.2 SATAM.2 NVMe USB Type CUSB Type AUSB Type A/CUSB 3.2 Gen 2SAS 6GSAS 12GRAID 5RAID 1



Multi-Bay RAID storage products ranging from 2-Bay to 8-Bay.Ideal to satisfy the storage

needs on maximum performance, capacity, and data redundancy.


 STARDOM USB3.2 Type-C Series Products support Mac with Apple M1 CPU



Multi-Bay JBOD storage products ranging from 4-Bay to 8-Bay.  Ideal to satisfy the storage needs

on convenient and integration; make the best use of/with your existing drives.


●Products Category : Thunderbolt/ USB/ for PC & Mac Interface External Storage System,

  Simple, Smart and friendly.


●Users : SOHO, DIY Power User, Art and R&D Designer.

●Value : PC, Notebook, Mobile Phone data backup and Data Center.


19” Rack-mount Multi-Bay RAID storage products from 5-Bay to 8-Bay.

It’s SOHORAID in 19” Rack-mount.



2.5”/3.5” 1-Bay JBOD storage product. 

A creative and handy product to move drive between Mac/PC,or with SOHOTANK.


● 3.5” to 2.5” Disk Adapter

● M.2 SATA Bridge Module

● M.2 MVMe Bridge Module



Adapters, RAID cards, 2.5”/3.5” hard drive trays. 

Same size drive trays are compatible and inter-changeable between STARDOM different models.

HDD Compatibility List