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Up to 12TB.

Big storage for video & Photo.

ST5610 series


ST5610 series

Compact to suit any desktop environment

Although the ST5610 Series holds up to four 3.5 inch drives and includes a 200 watt power supply, the overall size (approx. 6.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide) of the enclosure is compact and will not take up much room of your desktop space. Moreover, the system is equipped with a large quiet fan for continuous drawing away heat from the inside of the system for you drive to run comfortably.

Expandable up to 16TB for your content creation needs.

The ST5610 Series supports up to 4TB capacity SATA hard drives and when used with RAID card, you can expand to a maximum of 16TB in a RAID 0 configuration and a maximum of 12TB in a RAID 5 configuration for extra data protection.

Tough and durable shielding body

The ST5610 series beats any compact four drive systems with its seamless, 3.5mm thick full aluminum built body that’s robust to withstand the most demanding of use. With aluminum body, the system dissipates heat faster for a greater stability and performance that also extends the lives of the drives.

Low cost performance driven SATA system

Using high speed 6G SATA HDD, the ST5610 Series comes with two models, one with miniSAS ports connectivity and the other with one single eSATA connectivity with integrated port multiplication functionality for simpler cabling. Both models fits the latest capacity SATA hard drives and is capable of putting out fast I/O throughput performance at a low cost.

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